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Rackham TS Floor System

The System

The Rackham Housefloors TS System (beams infilled with EPS panels) are fast to install, easy to use and an effective solution to the requirements for improved floor 'u' values.

Used in conjunction with Rackham floor beams and appropriate floor finishes TS panels can achieve a 'u' value as low as 0.09wm2K.


The TS System can achieve 'u' values ranging from 0.20w/m2k to 0.09 w/m2k dependant on the depth of insulation top sheet laid above the beams and TS panels. This system has no toe to fit snuggly under the beams and therefore a top insulation sheet must be laid on the floor to achieve the desired 'u' value and ensure there is no cold bridging.

'U' values are influenced by a number of factors including the P/A ratio (where P = floor perimeter and A = floor area).

The table below gives a guide regarding 'u' values for both systems.

  1. Tables based on 175mm standard beams.
    • White EPS thermal conductivity 0.036W/m2K
    • Grey EPS thermal conductivity 0.030W/m2K
  2. Configuration A - 100% Single beams at maximum centres
    Configuration B - 75% Single beams at maximum centres & 25% at half centres.

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