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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your current delivery times?

Our normal delivery period is 5-7 working days from receipt of order and drawing approval. Please confirm this at time of order.

Do you offer Supply & Fix?

We only offer our products on a supply only basis as they can be easily installed by unskilled labour.

Do you supply infill blocks for the Beam & Block floors?

No. The blocks are widely available from your block supplier or local Builders Merchants.

What does the Rackham TS System consist of?

The system consists of Rackham floor beams (either 175mm standard or 175mm WIDE), TS EPS infill panels and all necessary polystyrene ancillary components for the floor, including edge strips to achieve the required 'u' value.

What type of block should I use for the Beam & Block floors?

Please refer to our design drawing specification or call our Technical Department for advice.

What is the weight of the floor beams?

175mm Standard beam weighs 34kg per linear metre, 175mm WIDE beam weighs 56kg per linear metre and the 225mm beam weights 65kg per linear metre.

Do you have to ventilate the void beneath the floor beams?

Yes, a ventilated void of at least 150mm is required beneath the underside of the floor/polystyrene and the ground.

Do you have to put a damp proof course under the beam ends?

Yes, a continuous DPC is required along all support walls under the beams.

Do you have to grout the Beam & Block floors before applying the finishes?

Yes, a 3:1 sand/cement mix should be brushed into all joints on a thoroughly wetted floor to achieve a monolithic construction.

What size vehicles do you deliver on?

Our normal deliveries are on articulated 'drop and go' vehicles but we can also deliver on smaller vehicles (at an extra charge) if site access is a problem. Please contact our Planning Department to discuss your specific requirements.

Can I pay by credit card?

You can either pay by cheque or by BACS transfer but unfortunately we cannot accept credit card payments.

Can I send an enquiry to you by email?

Yes, we can accept drawings in pdf, jpg dwg and dwf formats. Please send your enquiries to: estimating@rackhamhousefloors.co.uk

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