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Beam & Block

175mm & 225mm Deep Systems

The Rackham Housefloors Ltd 175mm deep standard, 175mm deep WIDE and 225mm deep pre-stressed concrete floor beams are available for a variety of flooring applications, from domestic extensions to light industrial use, when used in conjunction with a suitable infill block and can be used as a singular type or combined to optimise floor layouts and cost efficiencies.

Why Choose Beam & Block

  • Laid quickly and easily in all weather conditions.
  • Can support non-loadbearing block walls so eliminating the need for extra foundations.
  • Economical alternative to other forms of ground floor construction.
  • Beams manufactured to rigorous quality standards.

When laid in accordance with Rackham Housefloors recommendations, the floor will not creak, rot, warp or burn and will not be affected by "problem soil" or other site conditions such as clay heave, shrinkage and poor compaction of fill materials.

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