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Environmental Policy

Rackham Housefloors Ltd manufacture and supply prestressed concrete floor beams to the housebuilding industry and this environmental policy is designed to cover all aspects of the company's business activities.

Rackham Housefloors Ltd endeavours to maintain environmentally friendly approach through both its manufacturing and its general day to day operations.

All operating methods and processes are continually reviewed to ensure that any pollution risks are eradicated wherever possible. Factory processes are also monitored to ensure that the requirements of current environmental legislation are met and usually exceeded.

It is the policy of Rackham Housefloors Ltd, to generally manage its activities in such a way that our environmental impact is reduced to a practical minimum.


Production methods have been refined so as to reduce the production of waste and to promote recycling where possible and practical.

The relatively small amount of waste currently produced by Rackham factories is removed and recycled by appropriate third party subcontractors.

In the future Rackhams aim to further reduce waste production as much as possible through better utilisation of materials and recycling whenever possible.

Rackham will only use reputable, registered waste carriers for the removal and disposal of waste unavoidably generated by our work.

Rackhams are members of a packaging compliance scheme which ensures that we discharge our packaging recovery and recycling obligations under the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations 2007.


Raw materials are purchased, subject to process compatibility and economic constraints, so as to minimise any environmental impacts.

Consideration will also be given to the use of appropriate and suitable recycled materials. Rackhams try to purchase materials with the intention of further reducing environmental impact and wherever possible environmentally friendly products will be purchased.


Rackhams are constantly seeking reductions in gas usage, including the refining of production processes so as to minimise usage and the use of alternative methods. Electricity usage has been reduced to essential use only and care is taken to ensure unnecessary lights etc are switched off.


Water usage at all Rackham sites has been significantly reduced by ensuring the wherever possible water is recycled.

Rackhams aim to further reduce water usage by the collection and reuse of rainwater for cleaning applications at its production sites.


Rackhams will provide further training to employees to increase awareness of environmental matters and with regard to pollution prevention, spillage control and cleaning.

Rackhams will develop effective means for responding to accidents and emergencies and thereby avoiding or minimising environmental damage.

Continual Improvement

Our environmental policy is one of continual improvement which has resulted in the introduction of several innovative environmentally beneficial production methods. For example the introduction of polyurethane spacers has removed the need for polystyrene spacers and associated solvents within the production process.

Third Party Assessment

Rackham Housefloors Ltd is an ISO 14001 Registered Company and accordingly our Environmental Management System meets the requirements of ISO 14001.

ISO14001 provides a tangible datum against which future environmentally/ sustainability improvements can be measured thereby ensuring that Rackhams continue to follow their policy of continual improvement and are able to benchmark this accordingly.

This policy confirms the commitment of Rackham Housefloors Ltd to continually strive to improve its environmental management wherever possible and to prevent pollution.

Rackham Housefloors Ltd are also committed to comply with all legal requirements and other requirements as necessary to ensure the mitigation of its environmental aspects as much as possible. The environmental policy will provide a framework for the setting and reviewing of objectives and must be maintained, implemented and communicated to all employees of Rackham Housefloors Ltd.

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