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Ventilators & Airbricks

Used to ventilate the void beneath the floor.

Telescopic Cranked Underfloor Ventilators and Airbricks are used to ventilate the void beneath for floor.

The cranked ventilators are available in depths of 'standard' 2-3 courses and extended 5-8 courses. The extended ventilator is usually used with deep insulated floor finishes, particularly the Poly-Plus EPS infill panels.

Airbricks for use with the cranked underfloor ventilators are supplied in four colours. Terracotta, Buff, Blue/Black and Brown to compliment the outer skin of brickwork. (The colours below are a guide only)

Building Regulations

To comply with the Building Regulations and NHBC requirements, Rackham Ventilators should be supplied and fixed in accordance with the following requirements. Ventilators should provide the void between the floor with 600mm² of open area per metre of external wall under normal conditions. Additional ventilators may be required where there is a risk of methane or radon.


The Building Regulations and NHBC requirements will generally be met by calculating the number of Rackham Ventilators at one per 3 metres of external wall including garages and then placing in positions which will allow through draughts and avoid 'dead pockets' (e.g. neat corners and opposite sides of building).

The large air vent encourages good circulation providing the vents are placed as above and equivalent openings are placed in all internal sleeper walls. The unit is non corrosive and fitted with a front mounted insect grill, an integral water deflector and rodent grill. The inner surfaces are non-reflective, thus eliminating light penetration and inhibiting organic growth within the void under the floor.

The use of this ventilator ensures that no mortar or debris will block the airway and allows cavity wall insulation to be carried out, (either at the time the property is built or subsequently) without danger of the ventilators becoming blocked.


Two different sized ventilators are available. The standard ventilator is designed to accommodate either a 2 or 3 course drop. We also have an Extended Ventilator which can accommodate a 5-8 course drop which is for use with deep insulation either in the floor finish or polystyrene infill blocks.

Free Vent Area

The combined Rackham Ventilator/Airbrick has a free airflow of 6600mm2 when fixed as a unit.


Prices quoted will normally include delivery to site. Both ventilators and airbricks are conveniently packaged for storage on site and special delivery can be made by carrier where necessary.

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