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A concrete component for a specific use in building and construction.


Portland cement. Crushed limestone rock and sand from naturally occurring deposits including some Quartz.

Some mixtures contain a plasticiser to improve the characteristics of the product. High tensile indented steel wires to BS 5896/2 relaxation class 2.

Health Hazards:

Floor beams made from hardened concrete do not present a specific health hazard as supplied.


Inhalation of any dust from ground concrete should be avoided. Consideration should be given to wet methods of grinding and cutting. Where dry grinding or cutting is used dust masks to BS 2091 (B) or their European equivalent should be worn.


The 175mm standard beams weighs 34kg per metre run, the 175mm deep WIDE beam weighs 56kg per metre run and the 225mm deep beam weighs 64kg per metre run and therefore consideration should be given to safe handling and installation methods.

All statutory Health & Safety requirements and associated Codes of Practice must be observed. Particular reference to lifting by mechanical means in relation to LOLER is required. The beams must have adequate bearings (nominal 100mm) at either end onto suitable blockwork (min strength 7.0N/mm²).

Overloading during the construction process must be avoided i.e. No stacking/landing of materials on the floor structure.


Beams when offloaded and not immediately used shall be stored on firm level ground and stacked with suitable minimum 50mmx50mm timber bearers between.

Consideration must be given to appropriate sizing (width) of base bearers to spread the stack load accordingly to ground conditions. Stacking height should be adjusted accordingly to safe working practices (max height 1.6m) and safe ground bearing pressures to ensure stack stability.


Regulation 11 relating to design risk. If correctly installed to our specification (other than obvious collapse if cut or overloaded) the product has a low risk factor.

For specification of loading capabilities please see our technical guidance notes and the applicable Rackham layout drawing. The beams must be positioned on suitable bearings constructed by others.

Protective Clothing (P.P.E.):

Due attention should be given to the protection of eyes in cutting and grinding operations. Suitable protection for the head, hands and feet should be worn in accordance with relevant legislation.

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