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Beam and Block Floors
175mm & 225mm Deep Systems

Rackham 175mm and 225mm deep prestressed concrete joists are suitable for a wide variety of flooring applications from domestic to light industrial when used in conjunction with a suitable infill block and the appropriate finishes.

Why Choose Beam and Block
The Beam and Block floor system can be laid quickly and easily in all weather conditions and, when installed in accordance with Rackham Housefloors recommendations, will not creak, rot, warp or burn and will not be affected by "problem" soil and site conditions such as clay heave, shrinkage, poor compaction of fill material and bad workmanship.

With the appropriate grade and thickness of insulation added to the surface of the beam and block, the floor is completed with either a screed or chipboard finish to satisfy the requirements of the latest Building Regulations. The system is particularly suitable where radon or methane gas is present by installing an impermeable barrier on the floor.

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Beam and Block Component List

Beam and Block - Concrete Floor Advantages